CBD Cream - Does it really work?

CBD Cream

Everything you ever needed to know about supercharging your skincare routine with this powerful natural ingredient.

By Rhea Roberts

CBD is showing up in all kinds of places now, some that make sense and some that, well, are a little more questionable (does anyone really need CBD in their leggings?).

CBD creams, serums, lotions, and masks can also now be found in spas, salons and on the shelves of your favourite beauty retailers (just look to Cult Beauty for plenty of suggestions in this space). 

 In order to understand what all the fuss is about, let’s look to science to see what’s really going on between your skin and CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol - a natural extract of the hemp plant that is both legal and non-intoxicating. The cannabis plant is full of cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG and CBD and your body produces its own cannabinoids too (endo-cannabinoids), such as 2-AG and anandamide. 

[Fun fact - the ‘ananda’ in anandamide comes from the sanskrit word for ‘bliss’ and is found in nearly all tissues in a huge range of animals and plants, and can even be found in chocolate].

CBD Cream

Giving your body a boost in producing these naturally occurring compounds can have many benefits. But while many make claims about CBD’s direct benefits to health, it is more accurate to say that CBD may help to support the body to care for itself. It does this through its interactions with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

CBD Cream & Your Skin

According to a 2019 research paper, studies over the last 20 years have shown that the work cannabinoids do in the body is deeply involved in maintaining balance in your skin, barrier formation and regeneration.

In fact, they even go on to say that having an endo-cannabinoid system that is out of balance, can contribute to:

“several highly prevalent diseases and disorders, e.g., atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, scleroderma, acne, hair growth and pigmentation disorders, keratin diseases, various tumors, and itch”.

Keeping your ECS in balance may be the key to achieving the healthy looking skin you’ve always dreamed of.

It makes sense then, that CBD creams and serums are getting so popular, as they’re the fastest way to impact your ECS through your pores, directly onto the area where you need it most.

CBD Cream on magazine

How can CBD Cream best support healthy skin?

With its extensive anti-aging capabilities, CBD can be a real game changer for those who don't want to use harmful cosmetics or chemicals on their face. 

When applied to the skin CBD seems to have a time-stopping effect on inflammation and the production of damaging free radicals (think: blemishes, redness, breakouts). It also works as an antioxidant and encourages the production of collagen. This means that it can have a powerful anti-ageing effect on our skin.

CBD as a topical cream also works to decrease the production of sebum in your sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum which helps keep hair and skin hydrated but overproducing it can cause acne breakouts.

So CBD is great for your skin, because it acts both topically and systemically to help protect your skin from damage and can also decrease the overproduction of sebum.

CBD cream on edge of bath

The processes CBD encourages in the body through its interactions with the ECS are crucial in supporting the skin’s ability to repair itself.

CBD reduces inflammation (redness, swelling) by working as an anti-inflammatory by limiting production of inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are cells that help our bodies to communicate with each other by increasing or decreasing cell activity. When they’re too active they can damage healthy cells and cause inflammation.

CBD also works to reduce UV radiation damage to cells. It does this by increasing the amount of natural antioxidants that our cells produce, which again, helps keep them healthy.

Finally, CBD decreases anxiety in the body. It does this by creating a calming effect with its effects on the ECS and by working to support a healthy brain function.

CBD cream applied to skin

CBD Cream

It’s not difficult to get hold of a decent CBD product these days, but among the wading pool of creams and serums on the market, finding the right one for you can sometimes be tricky.

CBD cream can vary wildly in price and quality. 

Cheaper products may have ingredients that irritate your skin or leave it irritated, while more expensive creams could contain harmful, synthetic ingredients. 

My advice is to go with CBD cream products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible and that are vegan, cruelty-free and free from any parabens and sulfites.

How to use CBD cream as part of your skincare routine

CBD creams work best when applied to the neck and face as the last step in your skincare regimen. 

You don't need much, just a small amount will do the trick. Wash your face with cool water, dab dry with a soft towel and then apply a face serum.

Once your serum has soaked in, take small amounts of the cream and apply to your neck and face. 

If using a CBD night cream, allow time for it to soak in as these tend to be thicker than a day cream.

All you have to do now is enjoy all the benefits of CBD cream while it moisturizes your face and leaves you looking younger and feeling great.

cbd oil

Turn your routine into a ritual

Take a moment at the start and end of each day just for you. Treat yourself to some alone time, pamper yourself and take a few moments out to meditate or a moment of focused gratitude to improve your mood. Take a few drops of CBD oil and allow yourself to relax.

You can even put on some music, light an aromatherapy candle or try one of our suggested Self Care Sunday rituals, regardless of the day of the week.

Self-care is essential to looking and feeling your best and it all starts with taking the time and making a little effort to be good to yourself.

Long Lasting Effects

CBD is a great ingredient to include in skincare because, when combined correctly with other high quality ingredients, it can have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects, which can be important in helping skin heal and repair itself.

The body's own endo-cannabinoid system is still only a recent discovery and much more research is needed but the links between CBD, the ECS and balanced skin look very promising indeed.

We'll be keeping a very close eye on the research as it comes out and will share it right here in our blog, so stay tuned for more.

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