Prickly Pear Oil: A Skin Care Secret That Works

Prickly Pear Oil

A Skin Care Secret That Works

By Rhea Roberts

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your skin, prickly pear oil may well be the answer.

Packed with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, this product has been used for years by many cultures from across the world. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing skincare secret. 

From prickly pear oil's benefits, what it is made of and where it comes from all the way to giving tips on how to use it in your skincare routine.

What is Prickly Pear Oil?

Prickly pear oil is a 100% natural product obtained from the fruit of the cactus or, more specifically, the Opuntia ficus-indica. It is extracted from the whole fruit or seed as a luscious and beautifully scented oil, perfect for use in vegan skincare.

The plant contains over 50 different compounds known as triterpenoids which function as antioxidants and increase cell protection and increases collagen production in the skin.

They protect cellular membranes in different ways such as reducing free radicals that may cause damage to cells, contributing to maintaining skin elasticity and its ability to moisturize, due to its content of glycocholic acid.

In addition, it also has an effect on sebum secretion thereby preventing acne (which is frequently associated with higher levels of sebum).

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How Does Prickly Pear Oil Work?

Skin care products are constantly being improved and new ones being developed for the different needs of each person.

What sets prickly pear oil apart and gives it its amazing effects is its ability to penetrate the skin to provide deep hydration much more quickly than conventional oils which must be absorbed through the skin's surface.

In comparison to other oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, prickly pear is an excellent product that works really well alone on its own but will provide a better result when combined with other products. It also works well when used in serums and creams specially designed for dry and sensitive skin.

Prickly Pear Oil and Skin Care Benefits

The main benefits derived from prickly pear oil are its ability to provide deep hydration that may last up to 2 weeks which works on older skin types that require extra protection against dehydration and UV rays. This is significant as it can help combat skin aging as well as reduce wrinkles and scarring.

Why use Prickly Pear Oil?

Skin care products are constantly being improved and new ones being developed for the different needs of each person.

How to use prickly pear oil in your routine

Many people are unaware of this alternative natural skin care product that has many proven effective ingredients for the skin. Prickly pear oil is easy to use as it comes in a variety of products which can be bought online or in health food shops. It can also be used independently and is one of the best natural remedies for acne and dry skin as well as a good moisturizer for dry hair.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using prickly pear oil in your skincare routine today

1. Prickly pear oil helps to control acne and reduce spots

Prickly pear oil is an essential oil that has been used for centuries all over the world as a natural remedy. It is extracted from the cactus like plant from which it gets its name, and contains potent vitamins such as E and B5, fatty acids and antioxidants such as rutin that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. As such prickly pear oil can be used in a variety of skincare products that are designed to reduce inflammation in the skin and prevent breakouts.

2. Prickly pear oil helps to nourish the skin

The high content of antioxidants and vitamins found in prickly pear oil makes it a perfect ingredient for anti-aging formulas. In addition, the fatty acids contained within the oil can help to replenish and protect the natural barrier function of the skin leaving it looking firmer and feeling softer.

3. Prickly pear oil is anti-microbial

As a natural remedy prickly pear has been used for centuries to treat cuts, abrasions and burns. It contains several compounds including saponins that make it effective at killing bacteria which is why medicinally it can be used to prevent infection in wounds as well as calm inflammation.

4. Prickly pear oil is an effective moisturizer

Prickly pear oil is a highly effective emollient that can be used in a variety of skincare products. It helps to nourish the skin and keep water inside which can prevent the drying out of the skin as well as protecting it from losing too much moisture.

5. Prickly pear oil is anti-aging

Much like other oils, prickly pear oil contains fatty acids that help to keep cell membranes healthy and improve their elasticity. This in turn helps to prevent premature aging and has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A Skincare Secret No More

Prickly pear oil can be used in a variety of skincare products designed to reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts. It is a great addition to any anti-aging routine and is ideal for people who have sensitive skin as it not only does not irritate the skin but also contains anti-microbial properties that help to prevent infection.

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