self-care for women

Look good and feel good, inside and out.

Skincare is self-care

Throughout the lockdown women everywhere have been finding solace in the little things, making space for moments of serenity from otherwise uncertain and unsettled days.

Self-care has become something we can do at home to help us look good and feel good, no matter what life throws at us.

Skincare is one of the simplest and yet most rewarding acts of self-care that anyone can enjoy everyday -  morning, noon and night.

Skincare is self-care.

That's why we're here. To support you to feel amazing being you.

We'll share with you everything we learn and support you in creating a space just for you each and every day, no matter how small, to show love to yourself and to focus on you.


Serenna was born out of personal experience. I had been experiencing challenges with life well before the pandemic – raising a young family and working a tough job was making life overwhelming at times.

And then 2020 happened. My self-care had fallen by the wayside, as I was caught up in the whirlwind of life.

I wanted to improve how I felt, become my best self and enjoy the challenges in my life, not be overwhelmed by them.

Having spent 15 years as a social scientist the first I thing I did was look to the science. I followed a path deep into what I needed to do in order to be better able to cope and be present in the moment. To have a healthy, happy mind. All informed by evidence and real life experience. I followed my head and my heart.

This led me to many things we can do to improve our ability to not just cope with life’s challenges but thrive. Exercise, nutrition, meditation, being outdoors and a part of a community have all been essential for me and countless women everywhere. 

This holisitc approach drives all our product design and development (we've already got a long list of products beyond our launch range that we are so excited to be working on!) as we know that it is the big picture that is really important.

Ready for better?

Accessing the highest quality self-care and skincare products should be easy. I've tried many different products and have found that it is much tougher than it needs to be to buy high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free CBD beauty products and yet CBD has so much to offer.

Which is another reason why I created Serenna – to make it easy to find reputable, trustworthy CBD beauty products and supplements. I found plenty of excellent brands in the USA but it was much harder to find brands I could trust in the UK.

I also noticed that the CBD market was incredibly male-dominated despite the fact the majority of people using CBD is women. Women who have different needs to men, different bodies, different issues and different experiences.

That's why we create products that support women.

We're female run and female focused, creating products designed by women, for women.

More than this, we truly want to make the world a better place. It's why not only the ingredients we put into our products are so good, but the companies and people we work with have also been selected as they share our values – to support women to thrive.

This is not something we do alone. We are on a mission to do this with others, to build a community of like-minded women who can empower each other and themselves to meet life’s challenges with confidence.  

Women supporting women

Women supporting women informs everything we do. From the products we create, through to the businesses we work with, we are dedicated to prioritising women so we can all thrive. 

We are honoured to donate 5% of our profits to women's causes around the world. It means that each time a purchase is made, we can reinvest in creating a more equal world.  

It's even written in to our name itself.

We chose 'Serenna' as it speaks to who we are and what we do. It's a feminisation of 'serenity', matching our purpose of  bringing a little bit of serenity into each day.

Thank you for finding us.

Becky x

Serenna Founder - Becky Harrison-Plastow

Together, we are Serenna